Evgene Lev (Eugene) is an immigrant from Central Israel to Canada. He has been living in Canada since November 2014. This is his story – from Tel Aviv to finding love in Canada.

Interviewer: Hey There, how are you doing?

Evgene: I am doing fine how are you doing.

Interviewer: Are you an Immigrant to Canada?

Evgene: Oh! yes I came to Canada from Central Israel.

Interviewer: Central Israel! I see. I don’t know much about Israel. What is the closest city to where you live?

Evgene: My home is very close to Tel Aviv.

Interviewer: How long have you been living in Canada?

Evgene: I have been living in Canada since the November of 2014.

Interviewer: Oh wow, that is a long time? Don’t you miss home? Do you feel that you want to go back?

Evgene: I miss home sometimes. However, I have absolutely no plans to go back. I came to Canada and fell in love with this country.

Interviewer: I see! What do you love so much about Canada?

Evgene: Well, there is no one single answer about this. There is so much that one can explore in Canada. There are many possibilities. There are amazing places to visit. The environment and nature are sprawling and captivating.

Interviewer: But I am sure Israel is beautiful too. What makes you stay in Canada? How bout! I let you compare the life two countries.

Evgene: In Israel, life moves much faster. People are much busier. People are calm and they spend their life working in jobs. There is much more pressure. In Canada, life is better, moves at a more reasonable pace and there is time to enjoy. The density of population is much lower in Canada. In Israel, the density is much higher. It makes people move much faster. In Canada, we have a huge amount of talent and better and better immigrants are coming in each year. It is easier to get the job done in Canada.

Interviewer: What is your first memory of Canada?

Evgene: The cold. The sharp cold.

Interviewer: Do you like the weather in Canada? I heard that Israel is much more temperate. How did you cope up with the transition?

Evgene: Israel is pretty hot, to be honest. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celcius. When I came to Canada, the transition was a bit difficult. However, we had good jackets and it did not pose an immense problem.

Interviewer: What did you do in your first few days?

Evgene: The first day, I visited my cousins. The second day I went to learn English in an ESL School, in Downtown Toronto.

Interviewer: I am surprised. Your English is so good. Did you not speak English when you came to Canada?

Evgene: Not a lot. In Israel, English is taught only in schools. People don’t really speak English.

Interviewer: I see, what languages did you speak before coming to Canada?

Evgene: I used to speak only Russian and Hebrew. I really had to learn English quickly to cope up with the pressures.

Interviewer: How long did you spend learning English? When did you get ready for the next phase?

Evgene: I spent about a month learning English (from November 2014 to December 2014). After that, I joined a diploma course in a Canadian College. I studied a post-graduate certificate in Information Technology Project Management.

Interviewer: Did your lack of proficiency in English pose any problems?

Evgene: Oh! Yes, I found it difficult to find a co-op in Canada. However, my English was not that good at the time.

Interviewer: I feel that could have been a hurdle in finding a job as well?

Evgene: To be honest, I had previous experience as a software developer in Israel. It really helped me land a job in Canada fast. I found a job as soon as I completed my project management certificate.

Interviewer: Do you have a family in Canada?

Evgene: Oh yes! I am married now.

Interviewer: Nice! Tell us about your spouse!

Evgene: She is also from Israel. She came to Canada at a younger age.

Interviewer: Ok, so how did you find her?

Evgene: I found her through a dating website.

Interviewer: That is Amazing! Eugene (Evgene). So happy to hear about this.

Evgene: Thank You. (Laughs)

Interviewer: What would you tell our readers? How is Canada unique?

Evgene: To be honest, it is impossible to pinpoint. Canada is unique in so many ways. Each season is unique. In the winter you can enjoy snowboarding and skiing. In the summers, you can enjoy the beach and hiking, in the autumn, you can enjoy the colorful landscape.

Interviewer: It seems that you are having a great time in Canada. What advice would you like to give to new immigrants in Canada?

Evgene: If you really want to be in Canada, know that it’s not easy, keep working hard, and it is worth it.

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